Vitamin and outdoor activities

Outdoor activities are a part of a full of life people as picnics and open air freshens them up lessening all their stress and tensions. Such adventurous help them in beating a certain disorders that can attack you if you do not breathe and experience fresh air. But, the issue with such trips, specially camping trips is that one has to relay on the available food and certain items containing the necessary vitamins are not a part of their daily intake. So, for that purpose you can make a list of the necessary items that contains vitamins that you should get with yourself on your camping trips.

Planning the Camping Trip’s Food List

It’s the best idea to plan your food according to the number of nights and days and number of people on the trip so that you do not have to face shortage. In this way, you can enjoy the delicious and healthy food in a fresh outdoor environment.

  • You should take packets of milk with you as it is not only easy to carry but is also a source of vitamin B complex. It will help you keep up your energy level after your tiring walk in the woods.
  • You can also take some oranges with you that provide you vitamin C and you can water your mouth after regular intervals.
  • If you are going to camp at a lake’s side than fish can be the best food item that will help you fulfill your intake of vitamin A and you will feel fresh and healthy throughout your trip.
  • You can also take some dried food items like nuts with you as they can be preserved for longer time without losing their food’s nutrition value. They are also a source of B1 Thiamine and you can fulfill your deficiency easily with their help. Further, they are easy to carry and you can bear their load without any issue.
  • Another instant source of energy that must be a part of your camping food is dates. They are a source of Vitamin B and C and help you in gaining your lost energy level instantly.
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Additional Multi Vitamin Supplements

You can also have some extra multi vitamin bottle in your backpacks as if your camping in the woods than there might be a situation when you are out of nutritious food. So, they can help you continue you camping trip without any difficulty because you will not feel weak throughout your journey. Also, you can take them if you are planning to carry less food items to get rid of the extra load.

Therefore, plan your camping in a proper manner by keeping in mind the nutritious value of the food items you choose to take with you. This planning will help you carry on your outdoor activities without any difficulty and you can make a number of happy memories out of this trip. Do not forget your vitamin intake as it will help you keep up your strength throughout the multiple activities you plan and you can enjoy to a greater degree!

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