9 Signs you may have Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D also known as the sun shine vitamin is one of the necessary vitamins that your body requires. It helps in utilization of calcium and phosphorous in your body and you can suffer from various illnesses if this deficiency continues. In some cases, you do not realize that the issues you are facing are because of the deficiency of this vitamin. So, let’s take a look at different signs that are used as indicator that you lack vitamin D and your body needs a proper treatment.

Indication for Vitamin D Shortage

Your body muscles harden and you face difficulty in moving them. Specially while changing your body posture you have to put a lot of extra effort to manage your motion.
Your bones ache more often because of the lack vitamin D. It happens more in winters and at times this bones pain becomes unbearable.
People having excess weight can also face vitamin D deficiency because this vitamin is fat soluble. So, when you are overweight you are more likely to suffer from this deficiency.
If you do not have that much sun exposure in winters than your body will produce less vitamin D for you as sun is the biggest source of vitamin D.
Your skin complexion also determines the amount of vitamin D your body produces. People with darker skin should have more sun bath in comparison to people having lighter complexion because dark skin cannot produce that much vitamin D.
People belonging to older age group are usually more prone to this deficiency. It’s because when you get old skin cannot get synthesis this vitamin efficiently.
If you suffer from heavy head sweating than you might consult your doctor as it is one of the initial signs of vitamin D deficiency.
Individuals who are incapable of absorbing dietary fat can also suffer from vitamin D deficiency as it is a fat soluble vitamin and if your gut is not able to absorb the vitamin you will have to face its shortage.
People who are fat and have to go through the gastric bypass surgery may also be a victim of vitamin D deficiency. This is because upper portion of the intestine that absorbs vitamin D has been bypassed. So, you have to take more amount of vitamin D for compensating the reduced production. read more: cinemabox HD

Disorders that can occur Due to Insufficient Vitamin D

Vitamin D is very important for proper growth of the body and its reduced amount can lead to certain disorders that affect your health badly. You can suffer from rickets and osteoporosis that damages your bones completely and you are left with hollow bones that often lead you to suffer from extreme painful situations. These disorders usually appear in people belonging to old age group and they face difficulty even in walking and sitting in a posture for some time.

So, you should take necessary steps like doing outdoor activities if you face any of the above signs as these indications are enough for dragging you to a good doctor. Save yourself from these painful disorders and fill your body with the necessary amount of vitamin D for a healthy living.

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